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Avanti Markets App Incorporates Seamless, Loyalty-Focused Technology

New mobile app allows Operators to achieve business success and operational efficiencies

(TUKWILA, WA; August 8, 2016) — Avanti Markets Inc. — the largest independent micro-market provider in the United States – unveils the Avanti Markets App, a mobile app that integrates intuitive functionality, customer-dedicated features, and ultimate convenience.

For Operators, the Avanti Markets App helps improve one of their most important goals: operating beyond maximum efficiency. Simply, Operators are able to boost profitability through offers such as discounts, enable a more meaningful relationship between Operator and Market Users, and increase interaction with the breakroom market – all straight from the App.

“Our seamless, loyalty-focused mobile app creates valuable touchpoints between our Operators and their Market Users. This relationship will drive more traffic to each micro market, while lowering costs at the same time. It’s a great opportunity to positively impact the overall micro market experience for all,” said John Reilly, President of Avanti Markets.

For Market Users, the Avanti Markets App facilitates an enjoyable, trusted micro market experience. The key features Market Users can utilize from the App include:

  • PAY: use the Virtual Card on the App to make a purchase
  • OFFERS: take advantage of discounts
  • RELOAD: efficiently add payment sources to an account
  • ACCOUNT HISTORY: view previous transactions, including detailed receipts

“Our motto at Avanti Markets is ‘by the Operator, for the Operator’, and we aim to embody that and so much more with this App,” said Jim Brinton, CEO of Avanti Markets. “We’re excited to unleash these technology innovations, thereby making it easier and easier for our Operators and Market Users to be successful.”

With this new mobile app, Operators can utilize technology to more effectively reach their Market Users and improve their bottom line and business.

Learn more about the Avanti Markets App or check out our website for more information.

About Avanti Markets Inc.

Founded in 2009, Avanti Markets is the leader in the micro-market industry. Avanti’s platform provides operators with a leading-edge micro-market transaction system that leverages real-time data to help support operational efficiencies. The Avanti Advantage creates a micro-market experience that lets the consumers determine how they interact and increases operator revenues through every transaction. Visit Avanti Markets on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or

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