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3 Break Room Ideas to Enhance Your Space

The breakroom is becoming a place where employees can converge, share ideas, relax and have fun.

Successful companies have discovered that investing time and creativity into employee break rooms actually pays dividends in worker productivity, creativity and stamina. What used to be the most neglected rooms in an office, are being reinvented into creative and exciting spaces. The breakroom is becoming a place where employees can converge, share ideas, relax and have fun. Many of the top employers in the country are now using break rooms as a recruitment tool aimed at attracting new talent. Here are a few break room ideas to boost employee morale and give your company a competitive edge:

  1. Start with the food
  2. Enhance company culture
  3. Incorporate fun


First, when companies add fresh, healthy and appetizing options to their breakrooms, it is an invitation for employees to sit and have a meal together. This down time is crucial to fostering relationships and bringing people together who normally might not communicate. It gives different departments the opportunity to connect, which can spur new ideas and innovation. One great option to include food and beverage is to incorporate a micro market, an unattended retail space for food and beverage, that offers a range of different choices and variety for your employees.


Also, enthusiastic employees are the strongest brand ambassadors. An important part of leveraging employee enthusiasm is to build a strong company culture. The break room is the perfect place to do it. Is your company passionate about conservation, health, sports, outdoor activities or something else? Carry over the core values of your business into a fun and enjoyable space. Watch as your company culture is reinforced in the daily lives of each employee.


Finally, what was once a bleak cafeteria can become a yoga studio, bowling alley or arcade. Today’s modern workforce likes to play, and it shouldn’t have to stop the minute they walk into the office. Give your employees a place to have fun. They will feel refreshed and more productive when they return to their work. Bold colors, graphics and textures can take your breakroom from boring to enticing. Activities that have nothing to do with work make employees more likely to enjoy coming to the office, and not run from it when the clock strikes 5 o’clock.

In a world of machine automation and ever present technology, certainly creativity and innovation are some of the most prized assets you can foster in your employees. Above all, give your employees an innovative space with the breakroom to recharge and watch as efficiency and productivity grows.

Implement these ideas and transform your break room now with Avanti Markets and a micro market. See our solutions here.


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